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The Stalker

The Stalker

The Stalker package include One Shell Creek Stalker, Heavy Fused Rheostat Controller and a 4 foot 3/8 fiberglass pole with aluminum ends. The front legs fold in for transport.

This Item will add a new type of movement to your spread. A 12 volt device that when used with your flyer type decoy will move the flyer decoy up and then back to the ground. "FLAGGING" This movement simulates geese that are in a comfortable feeding flock jockeying for position or "Leapfrogging". The units are built with a detachable Rheostat or speed control that when dialed, puts the machine in motion. The speed can be adjusted to different wind conditions for an ultimate real look. The Rheostat or speed control model runs constantly. The rheostat also has a on off switch. The Rheostat or Speed Control has 10 feet of Cord attached. A 12 volt battery is required to run the machine. A small garden tractor sealed battery works well. More than one machine can be run on one Automotive Battery. (Batteries not included.) Lightweight and very portable. Also a good choice to run in combination with rotary machines to give a landing look to the vortex action above.

Shipping is $16.00

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Off Season Use

+ $26.00 for shipping


Son of Stalker

A 12 volt device, that when used in conjunction with your flyer type decoys such as the Flapping Flyers below from SILLOSOCKS DECOYS, makes the decoy move side to side in an erratic movement offering excellent movement to any spread. This movement simulates Geese  diving into the Flock. Rheostat speed control included. More than one can be run on a small automotive battery. Comes with 20 feet of cord. Multiples can be set forty feet apart with a battery source located in the center.



Son of Stalker Double Flyer Kit

Everything you need to convert your Son of Stalker Decoy Machine from a 1 decoy unit to a 2 decoy unit.  Kit includes one mounting bracket and two four foot 3/8 fiberglass poles.  Each four foot pole has a machined aluminum post on each end.  One end is 1/4" to mount your Flapper Flyer.  The other end is just under 3/8" to mount into receivers.

Shipping $10

Rheostat Package

This unit will allow you the ability to control the speed of The Stalker action. Can be used to control any 12 volt motor up to 15 amps of draw. Comes as a complete assembly including Dial Rheostat, Battery Clips, 20 feet of cord, and 2 pole marine plug for motor connection. This unit is built to put the controller and battery at the blind while the motor connection is 20 feet away. The perfect way to fine tune your machine for different wind speeds. Disconnects from machine and rolls up for placement in blind bag or pocket.

+ $10.00 for shipping

Flyer Pole End

Pole End Cap can be glued onto a 3/8" fiber or steel rod.  This part is CNC machined out of aluminum with a 3/8" hole on one end and a 1/4" post on the other end.  This end cap will be helpful when mounting your flyer type decoys on a stiffer pole to get them higher in the air.






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